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5 Momma Must-Have Summer Gadgets for 2018

5 Momma Must-Have Summer Gadgets for 2018

It may be hard to imagine with old man winter hanging on with a death grip this year, but the warmer days of summer are just around the corner. And with it comes the oh-so-fun days of chasing the littles around in the heat with a bottle of sunscreen and jugs of water to keep them protected and hydrated. Since I’m always a sucker for things that make these days a little more – shall we say “mom-friendly” – I’ve done some research on a few items that are absolute must-haves for this year’s summer season. Behold, the momma must-haves for summer 2018:

1. Aquabot Water Bottle $23.99

We all know just how messy the tiny humans can get on their own, but add the heat of summer, some sandy beaches, and a sticky, melty popsicle or two and you’ve got quite a mess on your hands –  away from home (and a bathtub). This is why we’re in love with the Aquabot water bottle. This bad boy goes from water bottle, to cool mist (you can catch your kids from 25 feet!) and even has – wait for it… a shower option. Yes, you can now switch to the “stream” option on your water bottle for a shower on-the-go. Can we say genius?

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2. Portable Cooling Shade $89.00

Summer is just around the corner – so what do we want? SHADE. And lots of it. We love the pop-up cooling shade because it is super lightweight and easy to carry (because really, we know you’re already lugging around some littles, so let’s not add to it) and it utilizes the elements for construction. You fill the pockets with sand, gravel or whatever you have on hand (happy meal toys from the floor of the van?) to weigh it down and pop up the front with the included poles. Voila! Instant shade.

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3. SeaSack Beach Chair Backpack $59.99

As any mom can tell you, one of the greatest “mommaccessory” you can own is the end-all-be-all carry-all sack. The SeaSack is the only summer pack you’ll need. This fabulous invention is large enough to carry your beach or pop-up chairs, towels, blankets, and well, pretty much everything else you can possibly imagine. If you can think of it, this pack has a compartment for it to keep it organized and is easy to sling over your shoulder for summer adventures. Anything that allows moms to keep their hands open for corralling toddlers is a win in my book.

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4. Zero Breeze Portable Air Conditioner $389.00

Because fans were soooo last year, we bring you the Zero Breeze Portable A/C unit. Yep, you read that right. You can keep the tots cool with a battery-powered and totally portable air conditioning unit that’s easy to carry and not worry about over-heating in the summer sun. Of course, it’s also quite nice for keeping moms cool by the pool as they let the kiddos swim.

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5. Sunscreen Skin Protected $119.00

Keeping proper sunscreen on the munchkins during the heat of summer can be challenging – to put it simply. Very simply. It’s downright impossible sometimes with the multiple trips in and out of the pool or sweaty swipes of the palm after a few minutes at the park. Just when you think you’ve got your tiny humans adequately protected, you start to see the dreaded pink tint showing on their cheeks. Seriously – didn’t you just put more sunscreen on them 5 minutes ago? The Sunscreen is a fabulous little gadget that uses a UV camera to show you just how much (or how little) your kiddos are protected so you know exactly when to reapply the goop!

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