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Best Sports Gadgets For 2018

Best Sports Gadgets For 2018

Everyone loves a gadget and yes, there will always be those tech addicts who take it too far, “Head to the golf course without my swing powered, laser-guided, titanium, ‘Green Sweeper’ putter? It’s not the dark ages!”, but for every WTF there is a must have that really can improve your game. To give you the lowdown on the latest and best upcoming tech, we’ve found the 22 must-own sports gadgets for 2018.


Aftershokz completely remove the irritation of your earbuds falling out mid-run or that earache halfway through a long session with innovative bone-conduction technology. Instead of the sound of your music travelling through your ear-canal, Aftershokz transmit music through your cheekbones to your inner ear, which also allows you to listen to music without sacrificing situational awareness. It’s music technology, specially designed for sports and it’s brilliant.



Ever wondered how professional football clubs and leagues measure player performance? It’s with uber-cool gadgets like the SPT GPS 2. Using its advanced software, Gametraka, the SPT GPS can generate a heatmap of your play after a match, as well as reporting on all your crucial statistics throughout 90 minutes of pitch time. The only thing it can’t do is improve the ref’s eyesight. “That was NEVER a penalty!”

spt gps 2


Improving your fitness in time for a new season or a post-season tour can be made so much easier by Slendertone. These high-tech belts use electrical signals that copy the impulses usually produced by the brain to cause your muscles to contact and expand, targeting those hard-to-exercise parts of your abdomen and helping you to get the most out of a workout.


Certain fitness trackers on the market will try to distract you with gimmicks but not MyZone. This superb product livestreams your effort levels to an app, giving you an instant update of your progress measuring; effort, heart rate calories burned and MEPs (MYZONE effort points). You can measure your progress against your friends or team mates.

Training Mask

It’s easy to underestimate the importance of breathing in sport. Yes, obviously if you stop doing it you’ll fall over. But improving your breathing can enhance your workout performance, recovery and conditioning allowing you to push harder and achieve more. The Training Mask helps control your airflow to change the load on your respiratory muscles, you can adjust the levels at the touch of a dial. You also get to look as hard as Bane.

Lumo Bodytech

Taking real-time workout analysis to the next level, Lumo Bodytech have developed both the innovative Lumo Run and Lumo Lift sensors to help you track your training sessions to the minute detail. This pocket-sized sensor clips to your clothing and delivers up-to-the-minute stats on your form and how you might improve, but what’s even more impressive is if you pair it with a pair of ‘Smart Shorts’, conductive threading will provide on-demand feedback whenever you want it. Natch.


While other mere mortals stare at themselves in the mirror you should be watching your progression with the help of a Gymwatch. After loading the app on your smartphone, you can launch a full workout session and witness your greatness in real time either through your headphones, or with cool visuals on the app. The Gymwatch will even give you pointers to improve and get an edge over the rest while they’re busy measuring their biceps for the umpteenth time. #ThankYouGymwatch.

LYS Technologies

We hate to be the first to tell you this, but if you’re staying up until 3am playing FIFA at night then you probably won’t put in your best performance in the morning. That’s where a LYS will come in. This light-measuring wearable will track your circadian rhythm, make sure you’re getting the right amount of natural light and help you maintain energy to spend on the pitch. Sorted!

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